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Engine Enamels are formulated to use on engine crankcases and cylinders usually after engine overhaul or for general maintenance. They are heat resistant and provide good gloss and color retention.

Packaging: Quarts and gallons.

Coverage: One thinned gallon covers approximately 225 square feet with one coat.

Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a paint paddle, and then shake on a double-action shaker for five minutes.

Thinning: Mix five parts engine enamel to one part 257 Enamel Thinner.


Apply to absolutely clean engine parts with a spray gun. Enamel is a slow drying paint that can remain tacky for long periods in high humidity. For best results, add 2 ounces of E-9313 Enamel Hardener/Gloss additive to pre-thinned quart of enamel. Spray two to three coats twenty minutes to an hour apart.


All coats should be sprayed on the same day, and then set aside to dry. Delays of more than a few hours between coats can result in wrinkling.

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