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Float lacquer is a time-honored silver coating for aircraft floats. Although it can be applied by brush, it is more suitable for spraying. Float lacquer is a classic, low-tech way of coating floats. Although its service life is far less than today’s polyurethanes, its ease of application and repair make it a useful product. Apply over epoxy-primed metal or directly over old float lacquer.

Packaging: Quarts, gallons, five gallon pails, 55 gallon drums.

Shelf life: One year in unopened containers.

Coverage: 225 square feet per gallon.

Mixing: Stir thoroughly before use. Insure all the silver is in suspension.

Thinning: Thin one to one with 286 Nitrate Thinner.


    Stripped or bare aluminum: Use phosphoric acid etch and conversion coating. (See acids in the Ceconite Procedure Manual 101.) Prime with epoxy primer. When dry, scuff with an ultra-fine scotchbrite pad. Clean well, then spray three coats of 1:1 thinned float lacquer.

    Old float lacquer: Clean well, scuff with an ultra-fine scotchbrite pad and spray float lacquer as required for cosmetics. Can be brushed, although spraying results in a better coating.

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